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Covid 19 Suggested Travel Items for Truck Drivers


This is a list of suggested items to ensure your truck drivers and skeleton staff maintain a hygienic and safe work environment whiles transporting the countries essential goods.

FleetWatch attempted to get these packs together for truck drivers with great support from a particular manufacturer but unfortunately we were unable due to the low stock and high price increase due to the nationwide demand.

We urge you as a transporter to ensure the well being of your staff that are working during this time as one infection could result in your entire company going into quarantine.

Truck Driver Covid-19 Suggested Travel Items

  • Hand Sanitiser (60% or plus alcohol content)
  • 3-ply surgical mask
  • Disposable surgical gloves
  • Hygiene Soap
  • Disinfecting Cleaner (Ideal for cleaning the cab and door handles)
  • Pocket Tissues / Wet Wipes / Toilet Paper
  • Water Bottle (key to staying hydrated and for use to clean)
  • Microfibre cloth
  • Education is key – Provide your drivers and staff with a print out with instructions on how Covid-19 spreads, precautions to avoid infections, symptoms and clear instructions on how to report if they are experiencing symptoms.

Downloadable PDF’s

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