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Young Segooa puts talents to the test

For her 15-minute final-phase presentation, Tjaka Segooa used the Rubik’s Cube as a metaphor for freight forwarding, associating the six sides of the cube with the six main elements of international trade transactions.

It a time when there is huge concern about the level of skills in South Africa, this inspirational story highlights the achievements of a young lady who stands as an example of the heights that can be achieved in the logistics arena.

With a background in urban design and civil engineering, 27-year-old Tjaka Segooa has gone through a huge learning curve and thrived on the challenges in her new career as a freight forwarder at Bidvest Panalpina Logistics (BPL).

It’s a job that requires an in-depth knowledge of transport logistics, excellent communication skills and problem-solving abilities. Transporting goods across the world efficiently and safely can be very complex, and a sound knowledge of shipping law and international customs regulations is imperative.

In 2014, BPL entrant Fortunate Mboweni became the first Africa-born African to win the international Young Freight Forwarder Award. This inspired Segooa to put her talents to the test and she entered the competition last year.

The competition, run by the International Federation of Freight Forwarders’ Associations (FIATA), is conducted in three stages. The first entails an extensively researched 6 000-word paper outlining an import and export shipment from the entrant’s native country.

Segooa’s submission dealt with the delivery of an abnormally sized consignment of aircraft parts to Germany, showcasing South Africa’s…

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