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Serco builds egg transporter for Zambia

Golden Lay’s egg carrier - built in Serco’s Johannesburg factory.
Golden Lay’s egg carrier - built in Serco’s Johannesburg factory.

Serco has made another good impression beyond our borders, this time into Zambia via a company called Golden Lay Ltd where they fitted insulated bodies on two Tata chassis as well as facilitated vehicle branding on the vehicles. All this was accomplished within a week!

It was new business for Serco and if the “happy client” feedback is anything to go by, this will be the start of a long term relationship into the future. Golden Lay produces, supplies and distributes table eggs throughout Zambia and into neighbouring countries. Founded in 2005, the company sells products through large retailers and wholesalers to formal and informal markets.

Managing Director of Golden Lay, South African born Gys White, says: “I had previous dealings with Serco when I was in the Cape and was thus aware of their excellent workmanship and outstanding efficiency. So when Golden Lay decided to replace two of its old steel body vehicles, I knew we need look no further than Serco to get the job done properly. And we are very pleased with the work Serco has done for us.”

The insulated bodies will keep the eggs at constant room temperature while being transported.

Serco sales executive Steve Davenport says work started on fitting the pre-assembled bodies on the chassis on a Monday and by the Friday, the job was done and dusted – including the sign writing – and the vehicles were on their way back to Zambia.

White, who recently toured Serco’s Johannesburg factory, says the two new vehicles are now “the best” in the Golden Lay fleet.

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