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Imperial Logistics shares a wealth of ideas

Start with the youth Imperial Logistics believes that the earlier we can instill in a future road user the correct behaviour and attitude, the more they will influence future society. Thus its Safe Scholar Education Project

Behaviour Based Programme

  • Develop an incentive programme whereby desired activities are monitored and tracked, good behaviour is recognized and undesirable behaviour is penalized. The programme needs to be monitored and recognition and penalties consistently applied in order to change behaviour.

Skills Development through partnerships with NGOs

  • NGOs offer learning/ information opportunities for local traffic and police officers to understand compliance requirements within the transportation industries. 
Learning is fun
Imperial Logistics Road Safety introduced a road safety character called Bongie to assist in spreading important road safety messages to the young scholars.

Revise internal recruitment processes

  • Identify job and personal requirements (skills, education, personality traits etc.) of the police/traffic officers.
  • Make use of tools such as Vienna Dover to conduct psychomotor evaluations at pre-employment phase. This ensures that the desired candidates, based on job specifications are appointed.
    • Conduct proper background screening prior to employment. Appointing individuals with massive debt or with criminal records into roles of responsibility increases the likelihood of employees being subject to corruption and/or theft when the opportunity arises.

Invest in equipment

  • Invest in equipment issued to officers and put inspection processes in place to monitor the condition thereof.
  • At a roadblock in December, we noted the impact on officer morale when they discovered that hardly any of the equipment used to mark out a roadblock was in an acceptable state. The commanding officer on duty very clearly took this as a reflection of what his line management thinks of them. This was quite an eye opener. This simple gesture of providing proper equipment to work with…

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