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Excellence via partnerships

Apart from its good looks, this rigid refrigerated vehicle launched by Eqstra Flexi Fleet embraces a host of new technology to power the refrigeration unit. It stands as an example of excellence via partnerships.

FleetWatch received this news just before we closed last year and kept it back for the new year to show an example of what can be achieved when companies work together in partnership for innovation and progress. Check this out…

The partnership was between Eqstra Flexi Fleet, a division of Eqstra Fleet Management and Logistics, Pecsser & Carrier, Ice Cold Bodies, Hino South Africa and GEA with the objective of designing a rigid refrigerated vehicle featuring new technology to power the refrigeration units. This technology has been designed and engineered to meet the challenges of rough terrain, long distances and high ambient temperatures encountered in the SADC Region.

Unveiling the new technology Jacqui Carr, CEO of Eqstra Fleet Management and Logistics (EFML), said that it was part of the company’s strategy to keep ahead of current technology to offer customers the most sophisticated and up-to-date systems to ensure increased efficiencies and subsequent cost savings in the day to day operation of their fleets.

“In 2017, we launched an articulated vehicle in the form of a truck-tractor and a tri-axle refrigerated trailer combination, known as ‘Bessie’” she said. “The success of that project led us to explore the opportunities to produce a rigid vehicle with PTO driven auxiliary equipment. In this case, we have utilised a Carrier Eco unit imported from France especially for EFML. It is the first unit of its kind in South Africa.”

The Eco-Drive is a power module which is fitted to the side of the truck chassis. It delivers 400 Volt, 3-phase, 50Hz power which is constantly available. A hydraulic pump is connected to the truck gearbox via a PTO (Power Take Off). The hydraulic system drives…

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