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Woodford Secures Softbev Distribution in Gauteng


Woodford Vehicle Rentals was proud to announce the securing of a 36-month contract with Softbev – a major player in FMCG industry that specialises in a variety of soft drinks, including Pepsi, Cooee, and Jive.

The contract – confirmed in April – will provide Softbev with a total solution for distribution in the Gauteng region via a fleet of 36-Ton Nissan UHD 490 Super Links. The value of the contract is roughly R45 million, and is an extension of the already beneficial relationship between the Woodford Group and Softbev.

The agreement follows a similar arrangement with Softbev that has seen Woodford Vehicle Rentals successfully distributing for the soft drinks manufacturer and supplier in KwaZulu-Natal and the Eastern Cape over the past few years.

“We’re very humbled to have received the thumbs up from Softbev for Gauteng. Servicing them in three provinces is a sign of the mutual trust between our companies,” said Owais Suleman, Managing Director of the Group. “We feel we’re the perfect fit for a company that has similar values and ambitions, and will endeavour to service Softbev with the same passion and commitment we have in the past.”

The determining factor in securing the contract was the unique offering that Woodford Vehicle Rentals presented that provided a fixed cost inclusive of a number of benefits, including drivers, fuel management, tracking, maintenance, and any unforeseen incidents or circumstances.

“Our main priority is to keep our clients’ goods moving with as little hassle as possible. Our promise is that we’ll handle any issues or situations that may arise, and will get your goods to its destination in good time,” said Mr. Suleman.

The system relies on what Woodford believes is the perfect blend of in-house capabilities and strategic relationships that ensure that added benefits such as roadside assistance, mechanical repairs, and tyres and tyre repair.

The offering has been shaped by almost 25 years of experience in the industry, with Woodford Vehicle Rentals having adapted and tailored solutions for its clients to provide better value in a highly-competitive market.
Woodford Vehicle Rentals currently has a fleet of 145 commercial vehicles, ranging from 1 to 36 ton vehicles.

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