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Wider choice on HINO 500 4×4 model


Reacting to requests from operators, Hino South Africa now offers the choice of single or double rear wheels on its 1322 four-wheel drive model in the popular 500 Series.

This follows requests from operators for this option to suit a variety of off-road applications including forestry, farming, mining, and construction as well as the telecommunications industry.

The new model also gets the benefit of being fitted with a Euro 3 compliant engine instead of the previous Euro 2 power unit. The fitment of this common rail fuel injection system to the Hino J08E engine permits the installation of the obligatory speed limiter now required in South Africa. In the case of the Hino 1322, it will limit top speed to 80km/h.

This four-wheel drive model does not require ABS braking, which is fitted to the other models in the Hino 500 Series range.
The single wheel rear axle, which is now available on this model, improves its off-road handling capabilities and makes for more efficient operation in sandy conditions. The single wheel fitment also has a benefit in terms of improved fuel consumption.

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