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Warm heart of Cargo Carriers brings joy to the kids

Cargo Carriers handover
It was a happy day for the children of Forest Town School when Cargo Carriers donated R164 359.56 to this worthy organisation. Seen at the handover are, from left: Pauline Legodi, Cargo Carriers human resources director; Trish Keega, deputy principal of Forest Town School; Ingrid Middelton-Vey, fundraiser at the school; Diana Padayachee, Cargo Carriers’ group audit and risk manager; and Anna Dikotla, Grade R Level 1, Forest Town School.

The warm heart of the trucking industry once again shone when supply chain specialist, Cargo Carriers, gave a sizable donation to Forest Town School. The cheque for R164 359.56 will go towards fees and new educational equipment for children who have cerebral palsy and other disabilities.

“Cargo Carriers has always focused on education when it comes to our corporate social responsibility initiatives. This year, we decided to invest in an institution that does wonderful work for 344 learners with special needs,” said Cargo Carriers human resources director Pauline Legodi, at the handover ceremony held at the school where a plaque was unveiled commemorating the gift.

Forest Town School has been catering to both the educational and therapeutic needs of children with cerebral palsy and other disabilities or learning difficulties since 1948. Apart from the educational curriculum, their staff also provides social work, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, audiology and speech therapy to learners with cerebral palsy, disabilities caused by head injuries, epilepsy, or a range of learning difficulties, from mild to severe.

Cargo Carriers’ donation will go towards the purchase of three smart boards and five mini iPads that will be invaluable in the speech therapy department. Pre-loaded with all the appropriate apps, they make excellent therapy tools and also allow non-verbal students to access the curriculum and participate fully in classes. The Cargo Carriers gift will also cover the installation of security gates for the classrooms, and school fees for one learner.

Isn’t this great stuff. In an era of ‘take take take’ for ‘me me me’, it is so heart-warming to see that the trucking industry is not a part of this. Well done to Cargo Carriers. FleetWatch salutes you.

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