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Toyota Dyna moves into light commercial vehicle category

Dyna LCV category
The Toyota Dyna has moved out of the medium commercial vehicle category and has been reclassified as a light commercial vehicle.

The Toyota Dyna has been reclassified as a light commercial vehicle instead of being in the medium commercial category as has been the case since its introduction to the South African market in 1965. The chassis has been redesigned and is 50kg lighter so the vehicle now has a GVM of 3 500kg which means it is now classified as an LCV.

Ernie Trautmann, Vice President of Hino South Africa, says this change in category for the Dyna came about because its normally-aspirated 3-litre diesel engine is not electronically-controlled so cannot be fitted with a tamper-proof speed limiter as is the case with the Hino 300-, 500- and 700-Series trucks.

Government regulations now require all medium, heavy, and extra-heavy commercial vehicles to be fitted with speed limiters. MCVs are limited to a top speed of 100km/h while heavy and extra-heavy trucks will only be able to travel at a maximum of 80km/h.

“The alternative to changing the Dyna’s category would have been to withdraw it from our range which we did not want to do as it is a popular model for a wide variety of operations,” says Trautmann.

“We have taken this opportunity to upgrade the Dyna in several important aspects. The revised Dyna is equipped with anti-lock braking system (ABS) as well as being fitted with the narrow cab used for certain Hino 300-Series models. The front panel is now one piece instead of three and incorporates new designs for the grille and bumper, while the headlamps are halogen with multi reflectors.

“There is a new design for the interior with a restyled dashboard, improved seat material and cup holders for the driver and front passenger.

“Being categorised as a light commercial vehicle means the Dyna will require only a Code B drivers’ licence. The truck will no longer have to undergo annual certificate of fitness testing, which is a further benefit for operators,” says Trautmann.

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