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Say cheers to Neil Henderson

Manline handover
One of the many milestones along the Manline growth path – the handover of 215 MAN TGS trucks which represented the biggest single order in the history of MAN in South Africa. That’s Neil Henderson in the middle flanked on the left by Bruce Dickson and on the right by Geoff du Plessis, now retired and playing golf.

Neil Henderson, founder of Manline and former CEO of Barloworld Transport, has stepped down from his position following the sale of his shares in Barloworld Transport to Barloworld Logistics. 

In 1998, Henderson started Manline with just five trucks. His vision was to build a business that would provide transport solutions throughout southern Africa. Fast forward 19 years – after a successful transition into Barloworld Transport – and he can proudly say that this goal has been achieved.

FleetWatch is always sad to see a good man leave the industry but we are hoping that while he is leaving his former position, that he doesn’t leave the industry totally but rather takes on some other role which will add as much value to our sector as did his original baby, Manline.

Go well Neil and best of luck in whatever area you choose to apply yourself. Just make sure it has something to do with trucking or we’ll come and hound you.

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