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Real Solutions for Customers’ Future Business Sustainability

With UD Trucks’ ability to adapt means that the future of the brand is bright.
With UD Trucks’ ability to adapt means that the future of the brand is bright.

With UD Trucks’ ability to adapt means that the future of the brand is bright.

“Underpinning this is the stability of balanced product and support offerings which are founded on our Japanese heritage of quality, engineering and progressive product to complement our customers’ unique business requirements,” said Gert Swanepoel, managing director of UD Trucks Southern Africa.  “This includes increased connectivity through telematics, new product introductions as well as enhanced dealer coverage across the region.”

UD Trucks’ passion is to make fleet owners’ working day simpler and more productive, whether they are in long haul, FMCG, construction, public amenities or mining.  It is about cutting fuel costs, maximising uptime, and giving fleet owners quick dependable paybacks that will ultimately increase profitability.

As one of the region’s leading truck manufacturers, UD Trucks Southern Africa is driven by its vision of being professional, passionate and dependable in everything they do.  Most importantly, UD Trucks believe their local customers profit from the vast industry knowledge and expertise inherent in their dealer network.

The company’s 62 dealers throughout southern and eastern Africa, are strategically positioned to capture new business and most importantly, to support customers wherever they operate in the region.

UD Trucks Southern Africa is also responsible for 18 markets in Africa, and Kenya has been identified as a priority KD-assembly (Knock-Down units) development within the next year.  Kenya, along with Tanzania and Uganda, have some of the best-performing economies in the world, and the planned facility is aimed at addressing the growing need for trucks as these countries continue to develop and grow.

“The future of UD Trucks is all about enhancing our customers’ transport and service experience with us.  Most importantly, we believe our local customers are set to profit from our upcoming product ranges’ positioning in the market, including its level of technology and quality through to the new scope of support offered by our regional dealer network,” said Swanepoel.

UD Trucks currently boasts one of the country’s best-selling heavy commercial vehicle ranges, which consists of the reliable and versatile UD60 to UD100 models. Its extra heavy commercial vehicle range, comprising of the Quon and Quester ranges, leads the way in durability, efficiency and overall performance.

The company is also in the process planning the introduction of a new product range in South Africa this year.

UD trucks are assembled according to world-class quality standards at its plant in Rosslyn, Pretoria.  The company’s team of engineers are continuously researching, developing and testing the UD Trucks product range to ensure they are suited to African road and operating conditions.

“Buying a truck is a big investment and responsibility, and for this reason you need a transport partner that is serious about effective service delivery.  At UD Trucks, we understand all the complexities involved in today’s transport industry, and we therefore can offer fleet owners complete solutions, no matter the size of their operations,” said Swanepoel. 

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