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Eleven kilometres already upgraded in Section 16 of N4

N4 upgrades
Upgrades along the N4 Toll Route are on course and all going well.

Good news for truckers is that much progress has been made in the major upgrade between Ressano Garcia and the Moamba Intersection on the N4 Toll Route in Mozambique with approximately 11 kilometres already rehabilitated. The project was started in February 2017 and is on course to be completed by December this year.

A total of 39 kilometers will be rehabilitated in this section, which includes the rehabilitation of six bridges. The upgrade is aimed at improving the quality of the road to ensure it stays on a par with the world class road infrastructure the N4 Toll Route boasts of.

Due to the challenging topography in this section, three Stop/Go’s are in place and TRAC has than ked N4 Toll Route users for their patience and understanding in this regard.

As for the upgrade and rehabilitation of Sections 19 and 20 between Shoprite in Matola and the 16 of June Circle in Maputo, the contractor has completed the site establishment with road works officially underway.

To date 5% to 7% of the work has been completed with no major traffic disruptions reported. The project, which started in May 2017, is expected to take 20 months to complete.

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