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Cartrack announces over R1-million for 2017 bursaries

Zak Calisto Cartrack
Zak Calisto, Global CEO of Cartrack: “Education is the key to breaking the vicious cycle of poverty and unlocking the potential of our society and economy.”

Cartrack, a global leader in fleet management, vehicle tracking and telematics technology, has awarded 81 primary and secondary school bursaries to the value of R611 000 through its Education Fund. Thirteen bursaries for students studying at tertiary institutions, in fields of value to the automotive-technology industry, have also been awarded to the value of R452 000.

The Cartrack Education Fund, which was founded in 2011, provides primary, secondary and tertiary-education opportunities to children from impoverished communities as well as to its employees and their children.

“By supporting children in their education, we believe we will not only have a profound impact on their lives but also on the economic prosperity of their families and communities in the future,” says Zak Calisto, Global CEO of Cartrack.

The Cartrack Education Fund provides opportunities for learning and personal growth in support of children that come from families that are in financial need. “Our aim is to build a sustainable solution to the increasing number of children who are not receiving a quality education due to the growing financial pressures on families. A child’s education should never be left in the balance. Education is the key to breaking the vicious cycle of poverty and unlocking the potential of our society and economy,” says Calisto.

Bursaries make up only one component of Cartrack’s skills development activities. A study assistance programme is offered to eligible staff wanting to increase their skill and competency levels through tertiary educational institutions.

Cartrack is accredited with the ICDL Foundation – the certifying authority behind the world-leading ICDL computer skills certification – and actively drives end-user computing proficiency throughout its business. To date, 235 employees have enrolled in end-user computing courses, which are fully funded by Cartrack.

Cartrack’s technical training programme, which has been in operation since 2013, affords people with low-level skills, unemployed people and school leavers the opportunity to receive basic auto-electrical training and training on the installation of tracking units in vehicles. There are currently 150 technical trainees registered for this course, which is taught through Cartrack’s in-house training centres in order to ensure high educational standards and the security of fitments. 

In 2017 and 2018, Cartrack’s Learning and Development division will pursue accreditation with its primary Sector Education and Training Authorities (SETAs). This will allow the division to further extend its learning and development offering to employees and the local community through the implementation of skills programmes, learnerships, internships and recognition of prior learning programmes.

Elaine Shaw, Cartrack’s Training Manager, explains the motivation behind these learning and development initiatives: “We work in an industry reliant on skilled labour and technological innovation and thus it is in our interest to bolster South Africa’s pool of scarce skills. We are also motivated by our conviction that education has a profound effect, not only on the lives of the individuals directly impacted, but on the future economic prosperity of their families and communities.”

This is all great stuff and FleetWatch compliments Cartrack on its commitment to training and the upskilling of both its own staff and the wider community.

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