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Upington Truck Stop adds to Engen’s growing footprint

The new Engen Truck Stop at Upington will offer drivers a welcomed respite from the long road.

Engen Petroleum has filled a gap in its Truck Stop footprint which was brought to its attention some years ago with the opening of a new Truck Stop in Upington as a refuelling and refreshment stopover on the routes of long haul companies and their drivers.

Paul Westcott, Engen regional sales manager for Commercial Fuels recalls the first site meeting he had on 25 May 2011. “Standing in the scrub and bush in the countryside about five kilometres outside Upington, we were speaking with representatives of the Griqualand West Ko-op (GWK) and the developer, Kobus Duvenhage. We all shared the vision for a big facility, one catering for 80 to 100 trucks capable of dispensing petrol, diesel and gas, with all the facilities truckers and the growing local community would need and value.”

Almost five years later this dream has become a reality due, says Westcott, to the commitment of the three parties in the venture as well as to the replication of the Truck Stop template that has worked so successfully for Engen elsewhere.

The spacious truck port can comfortably cater for 100 overnight stopovers. Along with a restroom and showers, also on offer is a laundry, an ATM, a Take-Away, Biltong shop and an OK Express Supermarket, packed with grocery and convenience items.

Recognising the need for convenient, safe and comfortable truck stops, Engen plans to keep growing its network where there is sufficient demand, says Mike Stead, Engen Commercial Fuels Manager. The Upington Truck Stop is Engen’s 14th dedicated Truck Stop which complements its  retail service station network of 1 047 sites in South Africa.

“Engen’s 14th Truck Stop is perfectly placed, well timed and brilliantly equipped to impact the lives of drivers and the local community for the better, as well as to fill a large gap in Engen customers’ route plans and stop-over schedules,” adds Joe Mahlo, Engen’s general manager of sales and marketing.

As part of the launch of the new Truck Stop, Engen held a one day Engen Driver Wellness event, where free health screenings were offered to drivers.

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