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Transport legislation workshop hits the road again

Last year’s Road Transport Legislation Workshop held by Alta Swanepoel & Associates attracted a huge number of delegates from all sectors of the trucking industry at the three different venues around the country. This was the crowd at the event held at the CSIR in Pretoria.

The highly popular Annual Road Transport Legislation Workshop is once again hitting the road starting on May 24th in Stellenbosch, then moving to Durban on May 26th with the last session being held in Pretoria at the CSIR on June 7th.

This is the 17th annual workshop run by the well respected Alta Swanepoel, Road Traffic and Transport Legislation consultant (Alta Swanepoel & Associates) and editor of LexisNexis Road Traffic and Transport legislation. This year’s speakers and topics are as follows:

Alta Swanepoel: Update on Road Traffic and Transport Legislation. Topic: National Road Traffic Legislation, Transport Policy developments and the draft amendments to the relevant transport and traffic legislation

Max Braun: Consultant in transport management, distribution and logistics consultant (MB Consulting Services) and correspondent to FleetWatch magazine. Topic: Where were we then? Where are we now? Where are we heading? A diverse assortment of events, achievements and disappointments reviewed by Max Braun as he recalls and reflects on his 60 years in and around the business of trucking.

Nick Porée: Nick Porée and Associates (NP&A) is a transport economic and policy consultancy, positioned to provide research and consulting services in Africa. Topic: Liberalising Cross-border Road Transport in South and East Africa by Harmonised Quality Regulation. A brief overview of the SADC-Tripartite transition from quantity (supply side) regulation by bilateral agreement and cross border permits to a harmonised system of quality regulation based on a Multilateral Cross Border Agreement (MCBRTA) and an integrated, IT monitored Operator Regulation system (TRIPS) for the 22 countries of SADC-COMESA-EAC.

Thabo Tsholetsane: Chief Operations Officer of the Road Traffic Infringement Agency. Topic: AARTO: Minimising Road Traffic Contraventions Impact on Operations. Transforming the behaviour of drivers and operators in respect of the costs associated with vehicles and operations; the ability of operators to measure and monitor driver associated risks; illustration of benefits of AARTO Act vis-à-vis administration of road traffic contraventions under the Criminal Procedure Act.

Apart from being updated on valuable and pertinent issues that affect transport operators, each delegate will receive an electronic or printed version of the National Road Traffic Act Compilation as well as the presentations of the speakers as part of the workshop fee.

You can register by contacting the offices of Alta Swanepoel and Associates on admin@altaswanepoel.co.za or via fax: 086 672 0469. Alternatively, a registration form can be obtained from the website: www.altaswanepoel.co.za.

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