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Sizanani Bulk chooses DAF trucks

Four of the total of 10 DAF XF 105.460 truck tractors bought by Wozani Berg Gasoline (trading as Sizanani Bulk) from Babcock, the sole importer and distributor of DAF Trucks in southern Africa. Two more of these trucks are currently on order with a further requisition for 15 units pending.

Babcock, the sole importer and distributor of DAF Trucks in southern Africa, has concluded a deal with Wozani Berg Gasoline (trading as Sizanani Bulk) for the purchase of 10 DAF XF 105.460 truck tractors from Babcock to include in their fleet of trucks and trailer tankers.

Two more of these trucks, which are specifically built for the long haul, are currently on order with a further requisition for 15 units pending. Sizanani Bulk operates a fleet of highly specialised gas and fuel tankers that service a targeted client base transporting liquid petroleum products throughout South Africa and SADC countries.

Alec Jackson, DAF sales executive for Babcock’s Westmead branch in Durban, says there were a number of contributing factors that clinched the sale of the DAF XF 105 trucks to Sizanani Bulk.

“The DAF fuel consumption has already proved to be the best in the Sizanani Bulk fleet, with a saving of up to 4 litres/100km per vehicle,” says Jackson. “With that comes a complete package from Babcock comprising correct pricing, a finance package to suit the client’s needs, a comprehensive service and maintenance package with a 24-hour breakdown service, the Executrax onboard monitoring system, as well as extensive after sales support,” he adds.

DAF reckons there are three key development criteria behind the DAF XF105 long haul trucks. They are:

Low operating costs
There are several technical advances on this vehicle that reduce fuel consumption and allow for higher revenue per kilometre to the operator. This includes the PACCAR MX engine, developed and manufactured by DAF, which combines high performance with economical fuel consumption. The driveline is carefully balanced to optimise performance under all operating conditions and to make the most of the engine’s low fuel consumption. The XF105 also uses many low-maintenance components, which extends service intervals to further reduce operating costs. Maintenance is therefore simpler, faster and less expensive and there are fewer parts that wear and need periodic replacement. Smart features such as the speed limiter and engine idle shutdown prevent wastage of fuel and reduce emissions.

Driver satisfaction
The XF105 has the most spacious cab in its class allowing the driver to stay fit and alert for longer. Aerodynamic refinements such as the four large electronically adjustable and heated mirrors allow for a wider field of vision while the spacious cab has a roof with an integrated aerodynamic sun visor. Additional features such as Adaptive Cruise Control, Forward Collision Warning and a DAF Camera System make driving safe and comfortable. Babcock recently held a mini-workshop for Sizanani Bulk’s driver trainers to familiarise themselves with operating the vehicle and making the most of the aerodynamic design.

High reliability
The DAF XF105 includes extensive function integration to achieve excellent reliability and durability while the engine compromises 25% fewer parts than previous models which dramatically increases reliability and prolongs lifetime. Long maintenance intervals and professional service from DAF dealers minimises downtime to further reduce operating costs. In addition DAF MultiSupport offers a fixed rate per kilometre for repair and maintenance and gives customers the benefit of increased vehicle availability and reduced administration, while the DAF International Truck Service (ITS) is on stand-by day and night, 365 days a year to ensure a stranded truck is back on the road with minimum delay.

It’s the ‘package’ that sells the truck today and on this front, DAF has done its homework.

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