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Serco produces a trailer for supercars

One of the Hendok cars being loaded into the trailer built by Serco.

Serco has been on a roll in producing some innovative trailers for different applications. Recently FleetWatch reported about a trailer by Serco designed for mobile theatre productions for Johannesburg theatre and now the company is refurbing an events trailer for supercars.

The trailer, which was manufactured by Serco for Mercedes-Benz Commercial vehicles in 2000 has now, 16 year later been bought by Hendok a company involved in motor racing

Hendok’s Freddie de Kock approached Serco to refurbish the trailer to carry his prized cargo of Porsche and Nissan sports cars but also wanted the vehicle to “double” as an entertainment centre at race events.

It was decided to rebuild and modernise the body and chassis with the front section of the trailer being equipped with a shower, air conditioning and other home comforts.

Features include a double stacking system with tracks for loading supercars and a 220v power supply complete with inverter and batteries. The two tiers are accessed using a specialised column lift.

Serco’s managing director, Clinton Holcroft, said one of the challenges was that Hendok wanted the double tiered track to be adjustable to accommodate vehicles of different heights on the lower and upper deck. This process of adjusting the track also needed to be user friendly to suit a one-man operation.

“We achieved this by developing a lightweight aluminium arm to fix into the double stacking rail, which allows easy adjustment to suit the varying heights of the vehicles being transported. The design also allows easy access between the upper deck tracks when loading and securing vehicles”.

“Once in position, Serco supplied Loadlok straps are used to secure the vehicles while in transit.” A pleased de Kock said: “It was a pleasure working with the Serco team, knowing they were prepared to listen to our requirements, and with their engineering expertise helping us bring the project to reality.”

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