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Serco gives Coca-Cola wheels

The new events trailer manufactured by Serco for Amalgamated Beverage Industries

Serco has seen a significant increase in demand for its custom built special events trailer with recent projects including an events vehicle for Amalgamated Beverage Industries (ABI) complete with a 6m-long stage and high-tech sound and lighting equipment for use at functions and happenings in cities or out of town. The trailer, which will sport Coca-Cola branding, was constructed at Serco’s Durban factory.

Serco’s managing director, Clinton Holcroft, says ABI needed a state of the art vehicle which it could use at its promotional events and which, if necessary, could be self-sufficient for power supply. The technical team created a customised and functional vehicle sporting a variety of sound and lighting equipment.

A feature of the 12,5-long trailer is that is has a side wall that opens with hydraulics at a push of a button to reveal a stage with an awning cover, a massive 180’’ screen, multi-media equipment -including quality speakers attached to collapsible trellises – and a variety of lighting.

The front includes a compartment which houses a silent generator and storage for the multi-media equipment, while the rear has a chiller section which can accommodate around two tons of refrigerated drinks. There’s also a serving hatch which opens into a compartment from where customers can be served cold Coca-Cola beverages.

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