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Cummins and Geotab offer new FM solution

The joint solution from Geotab and Cummins will allow Fleet managers to address faults within seconds - reducing progressive damage potential and improving maintenance and repair scheduling.

Geotab, a telematics engineering company, and Cummins Inc. recently announced that Cummins Connected Diagnostics application is now available to customers using Geotab’s fleet management solutions.

Geotab is one of the first technology providers in the telematics industry to support Connected Diagnostics, and provides improved fleet management, equipment maintenance and repair support to Cummins customers. Connected Diagnostics leverages data from Geotab’s latest GO devices to provide immediate notification of urgent engine system faults, and provides actionable information and genuine Cummins recommendations in an easy-to-understand notification report. The innovative GPS-enabled GO7 is a plug-and-play device with internal antennas. It eliminates equipment out-of-service installation time, significantly lowers installation costs and allows immediate improvement of fleet productivity.

“We’re excited to be expanding the Geotab-compatible ecosystem, adding Cummins Connected Diagnostics application to our roster,” said Frans Joubert, MD of Geotab Africa. “Our joint solution will allow fleet managers to address faults within seconds, assisting with quicker mission management decisions, reducing progressive damage potential and improving efficient maintenance and repair scheduling. Cummins Connected Diagnostics, enabled by Geotab’s GO devices, allow fleets to easily access useful, real-time engine data, cut costs and make more informed business decisions.”

“Through Geotab’s innovative platform, we can bring Connected Diagnostics insight to a broad range of Cummins customers in many types of applications,” added John Malina, Executive Director – Product Connectivity Business, Cummins Inc. “We look forward to greater opportunities to support customer operations and repair processes in the near future through Geotab.”

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