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Ctrack continues to support Arrive Alive

Adv Johan Jonck of Arrive Alive.

Ctrack, a global vehicle tracking and fleet management solutions company, has confirmed  that it will continue its partnership with Arrive Alive having attracted 1 million visitors to the site in 2015. This will be the thirteenth consecutive year that the two companies will work together to promote road safety in South Africa.

Driven by Advocate Johan Jonck, the website www.arrivealive.co.za is well-known for its coverage on a range of issues pertaining to road safety. These include daily traffic reports, information about safe driving technniques and reporting on road conditions in South Africa.

Ctrack was the first and one of the main sponsors of the Arrive Alive initiative.

“We are proud to be one of Arrive Alive’s valued road safety partners and to associate our brand with this initiative,” said Pierre Bruwer,  MD of Ctrack SA.

“Our common goal is to promote road safety and save lives. Our products are about so much more than recovering your stolen or hijacked vehicle: We are concerned with promoting better driving habits and creating awareness around truck and vehicle safety,” Bruwer added.

Through its partnership with Ctrack, the Arrive Alive Online Initiative reached 1,027 million visitor sessions on its website in 2015, as well as an additional 1,2 million visitor sessions on the Road Safety and Insurance Blogs. The initiative also has a strong presence on social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter.

Jonck launched the Arrive Alive website in 2003, with the vision to develop an effective road safety information portal that will enhance public awareness of road safety. According to Jonck, it is a personal commitment towards creating road safety awareness in memory of a parent he lost in a car crash .

“As developers of the Arrive Alive Online Initiative, we are both proud and appreciative of the relationship with Ctrack,” Jonck said. “When we started this relationship, it was one of our objectives to work together towards the development of an effective information portal on road safety. We believe that an informed road user can be a safer road user.

“We are well aware that Ctrack as a leader in vehicle telematics technology are committed to using technology in the efforts to make roads safer for all road users. Through this continued partnership, we will further enhance our information offering to road users, not only in SA but across the globe through various platforms,” Jonck concluded.

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