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Total South Africa helps fleets to expand

Cutting the ribbon to a brighter transport future are, from left: Total South Africa HR & Transformation manager, Tumi Zondo; Total South Africa CEO and MD Christian des Closières; Nona Chili, MD at Makwande Supply and Distribution; and Eric Mgqibelo CEO of Anax Logistics.

Total South Africa has helped two beneficiaries of the Total South Africa Siyakhula Enterprise Development Program acquire 11 new tankers to grow their businesses. The occasion was celebrated at an official ceremony which took place at Tank Clinic – a leading South African designer and manufacturer of road transportation tankers – in Alberton.

The tankers, worth approximately R16-million excluding the capital investment for the truck tractors, will add existing fleets to two companies – Anax Logistics and Makwande Supply and Distribution transport and logistics network.

Important to note is that Total did not donate the tankers as a gift. Rather the company helped secure the finance needed for the purchase of the tankers. This is in line with Total South Africa constantly looking for innovative ways to support and grow small and medium businesses in South Africa.

“We are delighted to fulfil a vital role in assisting Anax Logistics and Makwande Supply and Distribution with the means to expand their fleet network. It is essential for vibrant economies that corporates such as Total South Africa play an active role to support their customers, clients and communities in achieving their ambitions,” says Christian des Closières, managing director and CEO of Total South Africa.

Siyakhula – which means “we are growing” – is part of Total’s commitment of growing the businesses of black entrepreneurs and enterprises. Through the project, the selected individuals and companies are empowered with the tools they need to develop into medium to large business owners and thereby help them to establish themselves in their respective markets and expand their networks.

“Enterprise development programs are vital to encourage small businesses to grow in a sustainable manner. We believe projects such as Siyakhula will create more employment opportunities and contribute to a stronger South Africa going forward,” says des Closières.

Nona Chili, managing director at Makwande Supply and Distribution, and Eric Mgqibelo, Entrepreneur and CEO of Anax Logistics, expressed their gratitude to Total South Africa for providing them with the required assistance in securing the financing they needed.

Makwande Supply and Distribution was founded in 2009 and provides transportation of fuel for oil companies at refinery. Since 2006, Anax Logistics has administered the fuel inventory control for various companies such as the manufacturing plant for Mercedes Benz South Africa in East London and other companies in the surrounding area.

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