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Serco offers side roll-up door for truck bodies

One of the new side loading vehicles manufactured for Bakers South Africa showing the roll-up door.

The Robinson Shutter, an aluminium side roll-up door, has been introduced by Serco for local dry freight customers.

Unlike barn doors which require an unobstructed swing clearance to open and close, the ‘roll-up door’ can be easily accessed from the side which offers an improved access to load vehicles. The shutters bail up above the door aperture eliminating the need for internal roof mounted rails required by traditional ‘roll over’ doors which are sometimes used.

The slim aluminium extruded profile makes the Robinson Shutter a lightweight, rattle-free option with a variety of durable locking options. The door is easy to operate, offering customers improved access to the load.

Bakers SA Ltd has opted for the side mounted roll-up doors on seven new vehicle bodies recently manufactured by Serco.

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