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Serco fits new strapping system for Shoprite trailers

A close up photos showing the load strap attachment device

Serco has sourced and fitted an innovative strapping system to secure pallets, trolleys and general cargo in new trailers delivered to Shoprite.

MD Clinton Holcroft said Shoprite approached Serco for a solution to the challenge of securing mix loads of trolleys and pallets.  “We suggested the strapping system which was demonstrated and has been rolled out for trial on approximately 25 trailers. Initial indications are that it is proving to be effective in comparison to the traditional shoring bars.”

A load is strapped in place before the vehicle departs.
A load is strapped in place before the vehicle departs.

The straps are semi permanently fixed in position with bolts using an Allen key at predefined positions to eliminate removal and the incorrect positioning of securing points -prevent roll-tainers and pallets from moving during transit thereby reducing damage to the inside of vehicles and the cargo.

The straps, which can be fitted to existing vehicles, are stowed on the cargo track when not in use to ensure they do not hamper loading and offloading operations.

Holcroft said a simple visual instruction sheet is also fitted inside the body to provide guidance for operators.

It has been estimated that up to 25% of accidents involving trucks can be attributed to inadequate cargo securing. Since 2002 European member states have taken practical steps towards improved road safety by developing guidelines and rules for cargo securing. This is an important and often neglected area due to a lack of knowledge and availability of solutions, which Serco hope to address. FleetWatch has frequently come across poor strapping on loads, in some cases ‘blou draad’ is commonly used. Poor strapping and load securement is a safety hazard and an accident waiting to happen.

An emphasis on correct, safer strapping is welcomed. Well done to Serco!

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