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SATAWU calls for resignation of Minister of Transport

SATAWU marched on the Department of Transport offices in Pretoria this week to demand the immediate resignation of Transport Minister Dipuo Peters stating that “her department has stumble from one failure to another”.

The South African Transport and Allied Workers Union (SATAWU) this week marched against the Minister of Transport Dipuo Peters to submit a memorandum of demands and to call for her immediate resignation.

In the original press statement issued by SATAWU telling of the march, the union stated that “her department has stumbled from one failure to another. We call on the President to remove her from the derailing track she is in.

“We are not surprised at the problems in PRASA, RAF, PUTCO and we believe there will be more problems in the other state owned entities should the department continue to be led by this current minister. The minister must resign with immediate effect or we will start making her life in that department unbearable,” said SATAWU.

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