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SAAFF Congress Programme Highly Relevant for Sector Innovation and Development

Dr Andrew Shaw, PWC Transport & Logistics Leader

With less than three weeks to go, the annual SAAFF Congress is attracting leaders and decision-makers in the freight forwarding and supply chain industry from around the country. With a full conference programme comprising 25 speakers, 9 presentations, 6 panel discussions, as well as an exhibition, gala dinner, cocktail party, a golf day and a port tour, the annual event for the freight forwarding industry is set to provide excellent value for participants. The SAAFF Congress takes place from 14 to 16 October at the Durban International Convention Centre, KwaZulu-Natal.

Dave Logan SAAFF's CEO
Dave Logan SAAFF’s CEO

“I am really looking forward to welcoming delegates to an exciting and innovative conference that will address the demands placed on the freight forwarding industry today,” says SAAFF CEO David Logan. “With a variety of top level speakers, topics covering all aspects of the sector and interactive sessions that hone in on specifics, the programme has been structured to maximise value for all participants”.

SARS Commissioner Tom Moyane
SARS Commissioner Tom Moyane

Conference Highlights
The keynote address will be presented by SARS Commissioner Tom Moyane, leading into a full SARS session, highlighting legal and policy requirements including VAT deferments, while Sizwe Nxedlana, Chief Economist at First National Bank will provide an economic update.

Also top of mind is the revised BBBEE Codes. Anton Baumann, a Director at Transcend Capital will explain how it will impact your business.

Day 2, which begins with a panel discussion on women in the industry, will also explore maritime insurance – specifically ‘Freight Forwarder as Bailee – Liability Insurance and Bailee’s Insurance Route.’ There is also a dedicated break-away session on Training.

Dr Sonja Grater - North West University
Dr Sonja Grater – North West University

Focus on Africa
Much of the conference agenda is underpinned by the theme South Africa as a gateway to Africa. The topic ‘South Africa’s Role as the Gateway into sub-Sahara Africa – Threats and Concerns from a Trade Facilitation Perspective’ will be presented by Dr Sonja Grater from North-West University.

Dr. Andrew Shaw, Associate Director, Capital Projects at PwC will present ‘Business into Africa’, showcasing many of the challenges and opportunities for infrastructure development on the continent.

“Africa is one of the keys to business growth and the freight forwarding industry alongside infrastructure development has a vital role to play in facilitating distribution networks and making supply chains more efficient,” comments Logan.

Kevin Martin, Immediate Past Chairman of the harbour Carriers Association
Kevin Martin, Immediate Past Chairman of the harbour Carriers Association

There is also a panel discussion on infrastructure with speakers such as Karl Socikwa, CEO of Transnet Port Terminals and Kevin Martin, Immediate Past Chairman of the Harbour Carriers Association.

The SAAFF Congress is sponsored by Lombard Insurance Company, Eikos Risk Applications, GMLS, Core Freight and CompuClearing. Other sponsors include IMM Graduate School, Maersk, Prestmarine, Airlink Cargo, Shepstone & Wylie, ShipShape and Transnet Freight Rail.

Anton Baumann, Director at Transcend Capital
Anton Baumann, Director at Transcend Capital

Logan says: “The Congress programme is designed to address a full range of challenges and opportunities within the freight forwarding sector and its associated industries, and promises immeasurable value for each and every delegate.”

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