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No fatalities on N4 Toll Route over Easter

The TRAC mascot, Sipho teaches kids about road safety.

For the third consecutive year no fatalities have occurred on the N4 Toll Route over the Easter weekend. This was announced recently by Trans African Concessions (TRAC).

This was certainly one of the busiest periods on the N4 toll road, and although 42 accidents were recorded from Thursday 2 April to Monday 6 April (3 in Gauteng, 17 in the Highveld and 22 in the Lowveld), none were fatal. Given that the hourly traffic flow at most of the plazas reached the highest figures ever recorded, this is indeed a remarkable feat which TRAC attributes to excellent teamwork by all involved in promoting and monitoring road safety along the route.

Emergency Services and TRACAssist teams were deployed at strategic points on the N4 highway.
Emergency Services and TRACAssist teams were deployed at strategic points on the N4 highway.

One of the key contributors to keeping the N4 fatality-free was the TRAC Easter Rescue and Road Safety Campaign. This annual project saw the bulk of Mpumalanga Emergency Services and TRACAssist teams stationed at Alzu Petroport in Middelburg, and smaller units deployed to strategic points along the highway. This initiative went a long way in promoting road safety as it boosted visibility of authorities and allowed road users to connect with them and gain valuable information and knowledge on road regulations and safety.

It also ensured that response time to accidents and incidents was minimised, thus ensuring minimal disruption to traffic flow.

Another element that contributed to zero fatalities was the high visibility of traffic and law-enforcement authorities throughout the 570km-route. Their constant presence ensured that motorists were more road-safety conscious and respected road rules and regulations.

However, such an achievement would not have been possible without the cooperation of the road users, and therefore we want to thank all motorists for their efforts. At TRAC we believe that road safety is everyone’s responsibility and the N4 Toll Route will continue becoming safer and better as long as this philosophy is applied by all who use it.

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