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New Load Control Centre opens in Mozambique

The new Pessene Load Control Centre (LCC) in Mozambique is now up and running and will serve to curb overloading on the EN4 between Moamba and Maputo.

In an effort to curb overloading and preserve the roads infrastructure, Trans African Concessions (TRAC) officially opened the Pessene Load Control Centre (LCC) in Mozambique last week.

Pessene LCC is the 10th weighbridge managed by TRAC on or near the Maputo Corridor and operates 24/7. TRAC’s investment has resulted in a state of the art self-sufficient facility with one of Pessene’s most impressive features being that it uses solar power and runs independently, not relying on the Mozambican power grid. It also has a dedicated lane for heavy vehicles to ensure that they are directed into the weighing facility.

As with all TRAC’s LCCs, vehicles are weighed and if overloaded are kept in the holding area until they can reduce their load to within legal limits. As TRAC does not have law enforcement rights, the issuing of overloading fines falls on to the local law enforcement authorities.

Another feature of this LCC is the Biometric Control (finger print scanning) system that ensures only people registered on the system can weigh and release a vehicle. Dual authority is required when the system has to be overridden and this is verified by the biometrics of the users. For audit purposes, all vehicles will be screened on departure by driving over weigh-in-motion (WIM) devices at the exit of the weighbridge.

According to TRAC, overloaded vehicles are extremely hazardous and pose serious dangers to their drivers and other road users as they are at a higher risk of losing control which can lead to accidents. Overloaded vehicles also cause massive damage to the road infrastructure thus increasing the need and costs of road maintenance. Pessene will serve to curb overloading on the EN4 between Moamba and Maputo.

In Mozambique the legal legislated load per truck axle is eight tonnes and the total payload is 56 tonnes. It is a regular occurrence to find trucks with loads up to 65 tonnes and axle loads of 16 tonnes. TRAC has rebuilt the section of road between Moamba and Matola twice due to damage from overloading so it is imperative that transporting companies adhere to the law to assist in the preservation of the road.

According to TRAC CEO, Graham Esterhuysen, the concessionaire will continue to improve the EN4 through several upcoming projects in Mozambique.

“These projects include the expansion of the road from Shoprite in Matola to the N1/N4 interchange, Moamba Plaza and also the rehabilitation of the section between the Moamba Toll Plaza and Ressano Garcia,” he says.

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