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New Dachser infrastructure launched

The new extended multi-user warehouse facility in Pomona Kempton Park.

Dachser South Africa recently celebrated the official launch and roof wetting of the company’s new head office, sales and logistics centre including an extended multi-user warehouse facility in Pomona, Kempton Park.

This new infrastructure was launched to enable Dachser South Africa to offer clients the opportunity to save on their business costs, as they avoid the needless inventory and complex handling that is outside their core capability. Dachser is now part of only a handful of companies that offer this facility in South Africa.

Dachser SA Managing Director Detlev Duve and Dachser Johannesburg Branch Manager Sera Fineberg,
Dachser SA Managing Director Detlev Duve and Dachser Johannesburg Branch Manager Sera Fineberg,

Detlev Duve, Managing Director of Dachser South Africa says, “We’ve taken our full logistics centre up a notch. As a logistics partner, we can effectively use our warehousing capacities to the fullest through flexible consolidation of multiple customers’ goods in our multi-user warehouses. With a customized warehouse and process design that takes picking techniques and disbursement strategies into consideration, we create a maximum degree of profitability for each of our partners.”

Extensions to Dachser South Africa’s facilities in Pomona in Gauteng have added an additional 3000 square meters of warehouse space offering 4300 pallet positions to industry in South Africa. Dachser branch offices across the country- in Johannesburg, Durban, Port Elizabeth and Cape Town – all have warehousing facilities. The warehouses are equipped for various industries and customer-specific requirements.

inside warehouseDuve says that in the different Dachser warehouses all goods are stored according to the individual, customer-specific and legal parameters. In addition, “Dachser South Africa, offers removal from storage based on customer specifications (serial number, shipping unit number, and batch) or manual removal.”

“The industry is changing and there is considerable price pressure,” says Duve. “Dachser has always innovated according to clients´ needs. We hope that this new warehousing facility will inspire their clients in turn to be inspired, grow and dare to venture into new projects that previously would have been too costly.”

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