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New Crash alert from Matrix


Each year 15 993 deaths occur on South Africa’s roads, according to the South African Medical Research Council. In April 2015 alone, nearly 700 people died on the roads during the peak season, the worst Easter period in recorded history.

The Department of Transport’s post ‘Easter’ analysis points to the main culprits being; driver and pedestrian drinking, a disregard for the road rules, driver fatigue and un-roadworthy vehicles.

When a person is involved in a serious vehicle accident, every second that ticks by is valuable, and it is in those moments that receiving emergency assistance can make all the difference. Says Grant Fraser, Product and Marketing Director (Africa) at MiX Telematics.

“With this in mind, Matrix continuously invests in product development and is one of the first in South Africa to include an impact sensor with Crash Alert functionality. This sensor is fitted within our MX3 tracking unit, so if a major collision occurs, an alert is instantaneously sent to the Matrix 24/7 Operations Centre.”. A call is then made to the customer to first assess the situation and ascertain whether medical response is required, before sending the relevant medical assistance. In the event that the customer cannot be reached, their nominated emergency contact will be called to evaluate the situation and if required, a medical response team is immediately dispatched to the exact location of the vehicle using the GPS co-ordinates from the Matrix device.”

Should a customer be involved in a vehicle related medical emergency, where necessary, Matrix will also arrange and pay for medical emergency transportation to a hospital*, to ensure that the person(s) injured receives the necessary medical assistance, as swiftly as possible.

“Being involved in an accident is a frightening experience, even more so if you are alone. As a result, there is no greater peace of mind than knowing that if the Crash Alert is activated, Matrix will ensure that you or your family receive the soonest appropriate medical assistance, by road and/or air, and that injured parties will be transported to the nearest medical facility, capable of providing adequate care, in this critical time” says Fraser.

“In the case that you are hospitalised outside your hometown, Matrix will arrange and pay for repatriation”, under medical supervision, to a hospital in or near your hometown. This option is covered up to the amount specified in the subscribers benefit table, providing that repatriation is recommended by our partner doctor as being medically justified.”

The results speak for themselves where, in April 2015 alone, Matrix’s Crash Alert feature, recorded over 1,800 impacts, with 7 ambulance dispatches required – thanks to the first-to-market feature.

Fraser finishes: “Matrix’s Crash Alert function delivers the latest technology in intelligent personal safety solutions to the public, which adds real value to consumers.”

*only within SA
**limit on cost covered

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