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Intercape adopts telematics technology

Intercape required a fleet management solution that would enable them to reduce their fl eet’s operating expenses, fuel consumption and carbon footprint.

Intercape, the country’s largest intercity bus service, has invested in a MiX Telematics management solution to improve operational efficiency and enhance positive driver behaviour. MiX Telematics will integrate its fleet solution into 318 of Intercape’s fleet, consisting of coaches, trailers and non-revenue vehicles.

Richard Coates, Sales Director at MiX Telematics (South Africa), says: “The bus transport sector in Africa is heavily reliant on ensuring they have experienced, compliant drivers. There is a need to reduce operational expenses and improve productivity. MiX Telematics provides the perfect solution to deliver on the needs of this sector, and those of Intercape, specifically.”

Intercape required a fleet management solution that would enable them to reduce their fleet’s operating expenses, fuel consumption and carbon footprint. They wanted a driver management system that would assist in minimising incidents such as harsh braking and over-speeding. This will ultimately benefit the comfort and safety of their passengers.

Intercape has elected to use MiX Fleet Manager Premium, which will include additional accessories fitted to a variety of MAN, Scania, and Volvo coaches utilised by Intercape to ensure end-to-end vehicle and driver line-of-sight:

Monitoring of drivers
MiX Rovi II provides job navigation and driving alerts for speeding, over-revving and harsh braking, giving the driver and the fleet manager real-time insight into driving behaviour. Through MiX Rovi II, the Intercape fleet managers are able to view the hours of service for each driver, enabling them to manage rest periods effectively and ensure road safety for both drivers and passengers.

Accident analysis
MiX Vision is a solution that includes two cameras, which automatically triggers the upload of two videos when an incident occurs: one showing the driver and one showing the road. The Intercape fleet manager can view these videos, which include trip and event information as well as the date, time, vehicle speed and RPM at the time of the incident. This assists with accident analysis, and to avoid future accidents of such a nature, as well as driver behaviour monitoring.

Driver safety alerts
Mobileye is a driver safety system that assists the driver in preventing collisions. It utilises advanced vehicle, lane and pedestrian detection technologies to measure the distance to other vehicles, lane markings and pedestrians. It provides drivers with important and often life-saving visual and audio alerts.

To ensure effective utilisation of the technology by all staff, especially the drivers, MiX Telematics will provide ongoing consultancy services to Intercape. This includes training, assistance with data analysis and creating awareness amongst drivers.

“We believe we will start seeing the return on investment, not only from an operational perspective, but, very importantly, from a driver empowerment perspective. This is critically important in ensuring productivity and increasing business competitiveness,” states Frans Esterhuyse, National Operations Coordinator at Intercape .

“Being chosen as Intercape’s fleet management partner is testament to our solid understanding of the broader fleet market and our service provision. We are confident in our solution that has proven itself time and again. It is sure to deliver exceptional results in fuel savings, driver behaviour improvement and reduced operational expenses for the Intercape fleet,” concludes Coates.


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