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Imperial Cargo gets ISO 22 000 Certification

From left to right - Arno van Wyk, Sibulelo Mda, SHEQ Officer's and Paul Fredericks, SHEQ Manager
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Well done to Imperial Cargo, who have been awarded ISO 22000 certification. Managing director Christo Theron says that this accreditation reflects Imperial’s unwavering commitment to offering its FMCG clients a service that conforms to the highest international standards in food safety. “The purpose of ISO 22000 is to provide a practical approach to minimising food safety risks, in order to protect consumers. This accreditation is a significant addition to Imperial Cargo’s credentials, since more than 50% of our client base operates in the FMCG sector,” he stresses.

Imperial Cargo delivers transport solutions for ambient stable food products and packaging material. The company’s ISO journey included training with all stakeholders. “Our ISO accreditation means our clients and other stakeholders can be assured of our ability to control food safety risks, to ensure efficient control at all stages of the food supply chain, to prevent the introduction of food safety hazards and to provide a safe delivery service,” Theron adds.

In addition to helping companies establish and improve the internal processes needed to consistently ensure food safety, ISO 22000 also provides a means of continual improvement for accredited organisations. “This ensures that our food safety management system is constantly reviewed and updated, so that all activities related to food safety are optimised,” Theron concludes.

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