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Imperial and Ukhamba launch Resource Centre in Orange Farm


Imperial and Ukhamba’s Community Development Trust recently re-launched what was once a stark, box-like reading space into an ultramodern resource facility and library, boasting two additional library assistants. The aim? To bring a meaningful learning environment to the children of Rekgutlile Primary School in Orange Farm, in an age where reading is not quite as fashionable as it once was.

“Initially established in 2011, the modest space has rapidly outgrown itself – proving to be a humble and remarkable reading spot which has quickly become unable to cope with the high volume of daily traffic demanding reading material,” says Shayda Arbee, Executive Manager for the trust. “Imperial and Ukhamba Trust is thus especially proud to be re-launching the Rekgutlile Primary School library which we believe will enable larger volumes of people access to the centre and continue to foster a solid learning environment for those underprivileged children who so desperately seek education.”

The old library entrenched itself in the life of the school, contributed immeasurably to the attainment of credible reading performance scores, increased and differentiated vocabulary usage, and created an all-round confidence in English for those who used the centre. The library had also become the nerve centre for the various Imperial and Ukhamba quizzes, contests, and competitions both at in-school and inter-school spheres.

Imperial 2“This is a marked improvement to the situation before the doors of the previous library were opened and we are so proud to launch a new, improved centre, as we believe that it can only grow stronger from here onwards providing a platform for the youth to really develop their skills and giving them the opportunity to move towards becoming what they dream to be in their adult years,” says Arbee.

“At Imperial we are committed to education uplifting people at grass root level to ensure that they can become fully functional adults. Together with our focus on road safety education, this resource centre is yet another way we are enabling this type of change.”

Further to this, The Imperial and Ukhamba Community Development Trust will also be as establishing four new libraries later in the year, in celebration of ten years working with schools in impoverished communities.

“We are committed to driving real change for the youth of South Africa and look forward to what lies ahead in 2015 projects we believe will make a marked change, starting today!” concludes Arbee.

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