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DAF trucks now come standard with on-board fleet management system

All DAF truck sold locally will now come standard with an Executrax on-board fleet management system.

All DAF trucks being sold into the southern African market will now come standard with an Executrax on-board fleet management system that incorporates a full-featured GPS fleet location, tracking and vehicle performance management system.

“We’ve taken a hard look at the kind of information local fleet operators need in order to make informed, business-critical decisions and our response is a total in-house package,” says Mark Gavin, national sales director for DAF’s southern African operations.

“When you give a driver responsibility over a R3-million vehicle, you want a direct link that not only lets you know its exact whereabouts at all times but also provides a host of other performance information. Executrax covers all these bases delivering a seamless flow of real time information by combining high definition telemetry with an array of critical fleet management features. It offers real time visibility on the exact location of every vehicle in the fleet throughout the southern African region,” says Gavin.

Customers have the option to connect the compact unit installed in each DAF truck to Babcock Transport Solutions’ central management server for a monthly fee. The system is linked to the truck’s existing computer and diagnostics systems and communicates wirelessly via a dedicated and secure connection to any Internet-enabled device. The system can be customised to each fleet owner’s requirements by activating only the features that particular company requires. Mobile and intelligent cloud technology is used by the Executrax system.

Standard features include real time tracking that communicates vehicle positions in intervals configurable by the user. “Keep In” and “No Go” areas can be added and the user notified of any violations. The system can also communicate notifications through the software – or by email and SMS – on deviations from pre-defined routes and is able to monitor and report on vehicle speed, RPM, fuel usage, engine hours, idle time and driver performance.

At any given time, the system user can obtain a high definition trip history on a map that incorporates detailed telemetry log data to assist with investigative actions and day to day management. Comprehensive management reports are available at any time.

“All these features combine to help DAF customers focus on their businesses by facilitating increased productivity, reduced stock loss and a lower operating risk,” says Gavin, adding that overall fleet security is increased through 24/7 monitoring and a variety of specialised alerts.

“However,” he adds, “the real strength of our new Executrax solution is the effect it has on the customer’s bottom line through increased productivity, driver responsibility and reduced theft and liability.”

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