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Cold chain solutions beats Namibian heat.

Skygistics solutions for cold chain management allow operators to maintain precise temperatures in accordance with the cold chain parameters of the supply agreement.

Skygistics, together with its Namibian distributor Orbit Technologies is helping fleet managers to gain greater control of their cold chain fleets by tracking the exact location and cold chain status of their vehicles, while also allowing the rest of the supply chain to access the precise temperatures of refrigerated cargo.

Skygistics though Orbit Technologies has been supplying cold chain management solutions to some of Namibia’s leading cold chain transporters for the past two years. These management and monitoring solutions have facilitated a significant increase in cold chain compliance and productivity, and improved customer satisfaction

The customised cold chain management solution monitors four key aspects on the reefer unit: vehicle location, ignition and movement status; compressor intake and outlet temperature; cargo door status; and compressor status. The results are proven temperature assurances; instant out-of-temperature detection and notification; complete temperature monitoring analytics; automatic “proof of temperature” compliance and conformity to global food safety regulations.

This data becomes available to remote desktop or mobile devices through the web-based SkyQ application. From here, by using the intelligent management of cold chain telematics data, exceptions are quickly identified and remote commands solve problems in minutes without the need for field intervention.

Comprehensive report sets that address both fleet utilisation and violations, available on either the vehicle or the driver, are also compiled. Events, such as changes to temperature and opening of doors, are relayed both as an immediate notification or alarm sent to designated recipients via email or SMS, and as event logs and audits pertinent to each vehicle and delivery.

In addition to the live management of the cold chamber environment, operators gain access to the full range of functionalities that GPS-based technology lends itself to. The system can monitor the progress of deliveries along a pre-planned route and gauge driver behaviour and vehicle use. Combined with the Skygistics Garmin navigation and dispatch module ensures a turnkey telematics, cold chain, dispatch and route optimisation solution.

Skygistics has both GSM-based solutions for deliveries within zones with cellular coverage, as well as dual GSM/satellite solutions for deliveries in more remote locations.

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