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AS sets its sights on growing in the commercial vehicle sector

The head-office of Automotive Africa Aftermarket Solutions (AS), a subsidiary of the Imperial Holdings Group.

Maxifren, the wholesale distributor of heavy-duty brake and clutch products to the independent automotive aftermarket, has been sold to Automotive Africa Aftermarket Solutions (AS), a subsidiary of the Imperial Holdings Group.

The acquisition includes exclusive distribution rights to Ferodo Commercial Vehicle Brake Linings in South Africa and some neighbouring countries by agreement with Federal-Mogul Motorparts, South Africa, as well as ownership of the brand name Ferobrake, which is a nationwide network of independently owned clutch and brake businesses that have the right to trade with the name Ferobrake.

“The combined effort of Maxifren distributing Ferodo through Ferobrake will allow us to pursue our growth strategy for the commercial vehicle sector,” says Stefan le Roux, director of the Commercial Vehicle Division at AS. “AS being the leader in the replacement automotive parts industry allows us to not only open up additional marketing scope for Ferobrake, but also finance the future of Maxifren and enable the entity to grow its market position.”

Established in 2005 by B&U Holdings, Maxifren has already undergone impressive growth, expanding from a warehouse in Epping, Cape Town into Gauteng. Under highly experienced senior management, the company has both grown Ferobrake’s solid standing in the market and cemented its association with other Original Equipment brands, including Ferodo, Sachs and its own brand of Covata Clutch Systems.

The nationwide Ferobrake dealership network will retain its identity, as will Maxifren and its warehousing structures. Both will, however, benefit from the massive marketing and franchising insight, systems and resources that AS has built up over the years through Midas, ADCO, ACD, CBS, Motolek, Battery Hub and Silverton Radiator Services franchisees, with a 700-store-strong footprint in place.

Maxifren MD Barrie Taylor says: “We operate in the same channel as AS and use the same operating systems, so we don’t anticipate much disruption as a result of the acquisition. Of significant importance is that where Maxifren is well connected internationally with Covata Clutch Systems, AS has for many decades been involved in the sourcing and procurement of many other brands, and this knowledge can only benefit us in growing Covata and other products too.”

Federal-Mogul Motorparts, the American-owned Original Equipment supplier of vehicle safety products, among others, including Ferodo Commercial Vehicle Linings, and currently Maxifren’s largest supplier, has pledged its support and will continue to offer services without any foreseeable disruption.

In addition to brake and clutch services, some Ferobrake dealers also offer other services such as propshaft repairs and also retail many automotive and truck parts.

AS launches Brembo onto the market

More news from AS is that the company is now exclusively supplying Brembo braking systems and automotive components onto the South Africa market.

Brembo has a wide offering in the brakes industry selling as it does brake pads and discs worldwide, as well as brake fluid, hydraulics, brakelines, remanufactured calipers, drums and shoes.

The company’s 50 years of experience arrays from the design, development and production of braking systems and components for cars, motorbikes, industrial vehicles and machinery. The Italian-headquartered company controls the entire production system – from raw materials through to distribution. Its products carry the coveted QS9000 and ISO 9001 certifications.

Stefan le Roux, marketing director for AS, says: “At AS we align ourselves with reputable, quality-guaranteed brands and we’re proud to be the preferred partner of Brembo. It’s a brand that has built a history of unquestionable trust and reliability which we feel is the perfect synergy for a long-term business relationship.”

Brembo also provides consumers with useful information through digital tools to serve the needs of the aftermarket, including the Brembo Parts app which is available for free on Google Play and iStore.

The app, which is easy to navigate, offers the options of product categories or a focused search by part number or vehicle model. Technical data cards contain all the most important details and users can also access assembly drawings, installation instructions and maintenance suggestions.

Apart from offering quality products and service, Brembo together with AS, will offer new tools and initiatives for spare parts experts who share a unique legacy of skill. Brembo Expert is a free online training programme that will provide training to aftermarket professionals, as well as updates on new technology and products.

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