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Altech Netstar strengthens global position

Harry Louw, Managing Director of Altech Netstar

In a move set to strengthen the company’s position as a global market leader, Altech Netstar, part of the Altron TMT group of companies, has purchased Pinpoint Communications, an Australian business with over 15 years of experience in the development of software and hardware for the collection and distribution of mobile data.

Pinpoint Communications offers services such as vehicle telematics, asset, fleet and works management, driver and personnel identification, and certified telematics, demonstrating clear similarities with Altech Netstar’s own offerings. This acquisition provides Altech Netstar with an important foothold in the Australian market.

Altech Netstar pioneered the stolen vehicle tracking and recovery (SVR) industry in South Africa more than 21 years ago. It did so using its proprietary technology, and developed the first vehicle tracking unit and radio transmitter/receiver network in the region. Altech Netstar’s technological developments have been on the cutting edge of world advancements, and this proficiency is underscored by numerous awards. Its locally designed and manufactured systems range from basic phone-in SVR systems to advanced fleet management and telematics solutions, as well as vehicle and asset tracking devices with GPS/GPRS functionality.

Likewise, Pinpoint Communications offers products and services that are designed, developed and manufactured in Australia. This level of technical expertise and local resources has seen Pinpoint Communications win the business of over 500 commercial and government organisations. What’s more, Transport Certification Australia Ltd (TCA) has certified Pinpoint Communications to operate in the Intelligent Access Program (IAP). The IAP is an Australian transport initiative that enables transport operators and road authorities to identify high mass and high productivity vehicles to travel on approved road networks. This innovative program has delivered many benefits for transport operators, road owners and the community at large. These include increased productivity for transport operators, less road movement on key routes, and reduction in fuel use and CO² emissions. This certification highlights the quality of Pinpoint Communications’ products and services.

According to Harry Louw, Managing Director of Altech Netstar, “Australia is a very important market for Altech Netstar, so we are extremely pleased with this acquisition. We see huge synergies between the two companies, and look forward to sharing technologies and experience.”

David Grundy, CEO of Pinpoint Communications is delighted about the opportunities the acquisition creates for both employees and customers.  “Altech Netstar’s acquisition of Pinpoint Communications represents an opportunity for the two companies to bring together a combined 35 years of telematics expertise to the Australian and regional market. The management team at Pinpoint Communications is excited about having one of the world’s largest telematics companies supporting the Pinpoint brand.”

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