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Altech Netstar awarded ISO 9001: 2008 certification

Harry Louw, Managing Director, Altech Netstar (left) receives the ISO9001:2008 certificate from Karel De Villiers, General Manager: Engineering Certification, SABS

Altech Netstar, part of the Altron TMT group, became one of only two telematics companies in South Africa to receive ISO9001:2008 certification after implementing a comprehensive Quality Management System (QMS) throughout the organisation during 2014.

This certification is testament to Altech Netstar’s commitment to providing products and services of the highest standard to their customers. A rigorous audit process was followed, during which the organisation had to show that a quality policy, which is closely linked to the business and marketing plan, as well as to customer needs, had been put in place. This quality policy must be a living document which is regularly assessed and evaluated for effectiveness, and it must be understood and implemented by all employees. Further requirements before accreditation could be granted included having systems in place to communicate with customers about product information, enquiries, contracts, orders, feedback, and complaints. The QMS must include procedures for ensuring quality testing during development of new products, as well as documented procedures for dealing with actual and potential problems involving suppliers, customers or internal problems.

The organisation will continue to be audited and monitored for QMS effectiveness on a regular basis in order to maintain this accreditation, which is valid for three years and then must be applied for again. Such reviews of internal policies and performance ensure continued delivery to customers, as well as upskilling the organisation’s workforce. ISO9001:2008 certified companies such as Altech Netstar must at all times be able to show that the organisation takes action to make sure no one uses a bad product, determines what to do with a  bad product, deals with the root cause of any problems, and keeps records to use as a tool to further improve the system.

According to Harry Louw, Managing Director of Altech Netstar, the ISO9001 certification will add tremendous credibility to the already respected Altech Netstar brand. Having long-established a thorough internal quality and systems policy, he believed it was the right time to go one step further and gain official external certification to facilitate tender applications. However, the benefits are not limited to the business, but extend to Altech Netstar customers and subscribers too.

“Having spent nearly two years implementing the ISO9001 QMS at Altech Netstar, the internal results are astounding. The business has identified and encouraged the use of more efficient and time-saving processes. This, in turn, has resulted in cost reductions, highlighted areas for future service delivery development, and clearly defined areas of responsibility across the organisation. Each individual within the organisation is held accountable for their respective tasks identified in the QMS, and this standardisation has resulted in clearly-defined roles for everybody,” said Louw.

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