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Air Products and Mercedes-Benz Trucks join hands.

Joining hands to take the lead in their respective arenas - seen from left are Paul Jooste, Brand Centre Manager, MBCV East Rand; Clinton Savage, Head of Mercedes-Benz Trucks and Seelan Gounden, General Manager: Supply Chain at Air Products

Air Products South Africa has signed a Promise Charter with Mercedes-Benz Trucks, paving the way for a long-term, mutually beneficial relationship, which will help to ensure that both parties remain leaders in their respective fields.

As part of the charter signed with Air Products, Mercedes-Benz Trucks promises to provide the most competitive truck in its lifecycle, and challenges itself to deliver 5% fuel savings through FleetBoard.

A proud partnership.

The truck manufacturer has also challenged itself to deliver 100% service parts availability for booked services, to take ownership of Air Products’ concerns and to allocate a technician within 15 minutes, should an issue arise.

Celebrating their 46th anniversary this year, Air Products are pioneers in the manufacturing, supplying and distribution of industrial and speciality and gas products to the southern African region. The company is meticulous when it comes to choosing the partners it collaborates with, such as Mercedes-Benz Trucks.

“Since our establishment 46 years ago, we have made it our mission to be the largest supplier in the on-site and pipeline market, as well as being a leader in the bulk, cylinder, speciality gas and chemical supply industries,” says Seelan Gounden, General Manager: Supply Chain at Air Products.

Seelan Gounden, General Manager: Supply Chain at Air Products

“One of the ways in which we have managed to do this is by collaborating with like-minded partners, such as Mercedes-Benz Trucks. Being in the business of ensuring the security of supply of industrial gases, we depend on our fleet. These vehicles enhance our reputation for reliability and our capacity to deliver optimum customer service,” says Gounden.

With the brand claim: ‘Trucks you can trust’, Mercedes-Benz Trucks highlights its unwavering commitment to Air Products.

“Efficiency, safety and unrivalled service are what Mercedes-Benz Trucks promises to deliver to Air Products, as they are one of our most valued customers. As testament that we produce ‘Trucks you can trust’, Air Products already utilises our vehicles in their fleet, which demonstrates that the company is familiar with the quality, economy and reliability of our trucks. As much as we offer world-class trucks, this has to be backed up by incredible people. This is what we confidently have in the Mercedes-Benz Commercial Vehicles (MBCV) East Rand team. These are individuals who understand and appreciate what ground-breaking customer service is,” says Clinton Savage, Head of Mercedes-Benz Trucks.

0044-mbsa-air-products_1800x1800“Our Mercedes-Benz trucks continue to demonstrate their strengths against the competitors in our fleet. We were convinced by the overall offering with respect to cab design, comfort, safety systems and especially the low fuel consumption. Most importantly,” Gounden concurs.

Adds Gounden: “The way Mercedes-Benz South Africa and the entire MBCV East Rand team has treated Air Products during discussions has been the major difference. There are a lot of other truck manufacturers who have similar offerings, but it is the people that set them apart from the rest. As a customer, we have never doubted that we were on top of their priority list, all because of the exemplar team.

“As we look forward to another 46 years as a market leader in the industrial gas and chemicals industry, we anticipate building on and strengthening our long-term customer relationships and to being ever more responsive to the changing needs of our customers. Mercedes-Benz Trucks will play an integral role in helping us to achieve this,” concludes Gounden.

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