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AA launches new service to combat drink driving


Let’s face it. Truckers love a good party but like so many others, are often faced with the problem of getting home safely after a few – well, quite a few – drinks. So, while this story has nothing to do with trucks, it does have everything to do with getting our truckers home safely after a good night out. FleetWatch welcomes such services in the interests of road safety and therefore promotes these services to the trucking industry for our buddies out there.

The Automobile Association (AA) has announced the launch of its latest service, AA Designated Driver. The AA said the service aims to ensure drivers will not have to drive after drinking during a night out.

“Statistics show that motor vehicle crashes claim the lives of more than 14 000 people annually with as many as 150 000 more injured. This costs the economy around R307-billion a year or 7.8% of GDP. More than half of this can be attributed to alcohol consumption, which is in itself a shocking number,” says the AA.

The AA says that South Africa’s poor public transport facilities mean that drivers may be tempted to drive home after drinking, even when they know they shouldn’t.  “Now AA Designated Driver means they don’t have to worry,” the Association adds.

AA Designated Driver will operate seven days a week, 365 days a year, through a simple booking service. All the drivers have a clean driving licence and are older than 25. Importantly, female drivers can be requested for added peace-of-mind for women who use the service. A communication is sent 45 minutes prior to pick-up with the driver’s name, an added security feature of the service.

The service will operate in all major centres in South Africa and will ensure the user and their vehicle is taken home safely through a reliable provider.

“The AA Designated Driver service is going to make a big difference to road safety,” the AA says. “It is the first get-you-home service provided countrywide by a reputable motoring organisation. Drinking and driving is just not worth the risk.” the AA concluded.

For more information on AA Designated Driver visit www.aadesignateddriver.co.za.

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