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8500 Driver Packs distributed in 2014

Aspen Logistics - taking training seriously with 120 FleetWatch packs given to drivers.

FleetWatch has always been a staunch supporter and campaigner of the need to educate and train drivers. In recent statistics released by the N3TC it was found that amongst other things 76% of heavy vehicle crashes could be attributed to driver or human error.

Yellow Jacket Logistics... handed out 80 FleetWatch packs to appreciative drivers

One the important pillars on which the RTMS (Self Regulation) initiative is based on the need to implement driver training initiatives within a company in order to obtain accreditation. Thus it was decided to compile a kit for drivers (applicable for truckers too) covering topics such as the Pre-Trip Inspections, Tyre Care, Trailer maintenance, Drinking and Driving, Driver Health, Brake Checklists, Wheels and Wheel Nuts-Do’s and Dont’s, Winter and Wet Weather Driving, Road Safety playing cards and a mini First Aid Kit  – all targeting critical areas a driver needs to be aware of whilst on the road.

Our campaign saw around 120 trucking operators and logistics companies ordering a total of 8500 driver packs for drivers countrywide. Numbers had to be limited to ensure all received some packs due an excess in demand. We are preparing once again to collate a new supply of packs and these are planned to be available for operators to order in time for the next busy season on SA roads – Easter.

The team from H&M Removals - handed out 50 packs to their drivers.

We salute to all our sponsors: DriveRisk, Powerstar, Bridgestone, CTrack, MiX Telematics, HCV,  Wabco, , Imperial, Isuzu Trucks, Freightliner, N3TC, Bakwena, TRAC N4, Sanral, Engen, TSE Big Max,  ALCO-Safe – all of these companies have contributed – we applaud you for making road safety a priority. As FleetWatch walkways says – if it saves just one life, you have made a difference!

Should you wish to order or need more information please contact Benjamin on 011 794 2490/1 or benjamin@fleetwatch.co.za.


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