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Volvo Trucks beats the world with online campaign

The Epic Split with Jean-Claude Van Damme demonstrating the precision of Volvo’s dynamic steering has had more than 73 million online views.

Volvo Trucks – using online digital media – has positioned the trucking industry and its Volvo truck products on top of the world with its Live Test campaign and the now infamous ‘Epic Split’ by picking up top prizes at the Cannes Lions ‘world cup of advertising’.

In all, the campaign – demonstrating innovations of the new truck range – received 20 awards, including eight Gold prizes and two prestigious Grand Prix in categories Cyber and Film in the Cannes Lions. 

With 37 000 competition entries from all over the world, Cannes Lions counts as one of the most important advertising competitions globally. It awards creativity in communication and winners are selected by 300 top-level names in the industry.

“It is, of course, especially satisfying that our Live Test campaign is praised in such a global arena and in direct competition with the largest consumer companies in the world. It shows the exceptional nature of the campaign, that films about trucks – only distributed online – receive this type of recognition. We have shown that we can produce world-class communication about business-to-business products,” says Per Nilsson, director, public relations at Volvo Trucks.

The campaign includes six Live Test videos for YouTube, which demonstrate the innovative features of the new truck series in spectacular ways. The Epic Split with Jean-Claude Van Damme is the video that has had the greatest impact with more than 73 million views on YouTube.

These are the awards that the campaign received at the Cannes Lions: Grand Prix in Cyber; Grand Prix in Film; Gold in Film/Craft; Three Gold in Cyber; Gold in PR; Gold in Direct; Gold in Promo & Activation; Gold in Integrated; Silver in PR; Silver in Titanium; two Silvers in Media; three Silvers in Film/Craft; Two Bronze in Cyber; Bronze in Film/Craft.

Of course, winning awards is all well and good but does such online activity work in terms of maximizing awareness, return on investment and selling the products. In this sense, let the figures speak for themselves:

·         The videos have more than 100 million views on YouTube and have been shared nearly 8 million times.

·         There have been over 20 000 reports about the videos in the media worldwide.

·         It is estimated that this degree of publicity represents R1,9-billion (126-million Euros) in earned media value.

·         According to a survey, almost half of the truck buyers who have seen the launch videos say that it is now more likely that they would choose Volvo the next time they purchase a truck.

·         The Epic Split is the most watched automotive advertisement ever on YouTube, with more than 73 million views.

·         The day after its release, The Epic Split was the most shared video in the world.

And can you believe there are still companies in the trucking industry who don’t believe in online digital marketing. Mmmmmm!! FleetWatch extends its huge congratulations to Volvo Trucks not only on receiving such prestigious awards but also for breaking the traditional mould and leading the trucking industry into the future. And of course, for showing the world just how technologically advanced today’s modern truck is and thereby raising the status of the trucking industry in the eyes of the general public. Way to go!

See all the videos here

For those of you who haven’t seen these stunning videos, go make yourself a cup of coffee, sit back and click the link below: Brought to your desk, your living room, your toilet, your airport – wherever you are – live by FleetWatch’s online digital offerings. Check out the ‘Epic Split’ featuring Jean-Claude Van Damme as well as ‘The Ballerina Stunt’ – and hold your breath!


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