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Volvo Group opens new clean green safety conscious dealership

The new Magnis Pretoria East dealership boasts a host of ‘green’ innovations to ensure environmental sustainability. Note the solar panels on the roof of the building. This is just one of the many features to be incorporated under a sophisticated Energy and Building Management System employed by the company.

Another step in the greater investment plan of developing and strengthening the dealer footprint of all brands within the Volvo Group stable has been taken with the official opening of a new state-of-the-art facility that will house a full UD Trucks dealership and serve as an aftermarket agent for Volvo Trucks and Renault Trucks.

The new Magnis Pretoria East dealership, which forms part of the JSE-listed Imperial Holdings, is strategically located next to the N4 and is also one of the first commercial vehicle facilities in the country to adhere to stringent environmental regulations.

Although only displaying the UD Trucks signage over the work-bays, this facility will also serve as an aftermarket agent for Volvo and Renault Trucks. It’s another Three-in-One offering similar to the Rustenburg outlet opened last year.Danie Hefer, general manager of Magnis Trucks, says the company has been part of the UD Trucks dealer network for almost five decades. “We are proud to welcome the Volvo Trucks and Renault Trucks brands from an aftermarket perspective to Magnis Pretoria East and also to our Magnis Trucks Zululand dealership in Richards Bay,” he says. The company also has UD Trucks dealerships in Samrand and Bloemfontein.

According to Torbjörn Christensson, president of the Volvo Group South Africa, UD Trucks Southern Africa is set for a ground-breaking era during the next five years, with the company currently planning the introduction of a game-changing new range of products and services to customers.

“The skills and expertise of the UD Trucks Magnis sales and aftermarket teams are evident, and we know they will go the extra mile for our customers in every aspect,” says Christensson. “With the recent launch of the Volvo Trucks FH, FH16, FM and FMX ranges, and the planned launch of the new Renault Trucks range later this year, we believe Magnis Trucks Pretoria East is ready and more than able to support our customers every step of the way.”

Both Volvo and Imperial also share a vision of environmental sustainability. “The Volvo Group’s vision is to become the world leader in sustainable transport solutions. As one of the Volvo Group’s core values, environmental care is at the heart of our business,” says Christensson.

According to Hefer, the new Magnis Pretoria East dealership was designed, constructed and is now operated according to environmentally friendly principles. “There is a growing trend towards green technology and solutions and Magnis Trucks Pretoria East readily embraces this energy-efficient philosophy,” he says.

A specialist automation company was contracted to design, install and commission an Energy and Building Management System (EBMS), which can be accessed online 24-hours a day. This web-based system monitors and controls energy and water consumption, temperature, CO² levels, air-conditioning, solar power output and carbon emissions.

Spotlessly clean work-bays ensure a quality work environment for the mechanics. One of the lanes incorporates a brake roller tester – something FleetWatch feels should be standard in all new dealerships. They can, of course, also be fitted into existing dealerships.The system then responds to these measurements with environmentally intelligent solutions. Fresh air and extractor fans are activated when CO² reaches a certain level and lights are switched on or off in response to people entering or leaving a room. A unique weather system monitors the outdoor ambient temperature and wind speed, and subsequently controls the air-conditioning and lighting inside the building.

The building was designed to maximise the use of natural light and is fitted with low-energy LED and state-of-the-art dimmable fluorescent lights. All geysers are connected to heat pumps and the solar panel system supplies up to 85% of the power consumed during the day.

“We are even able to supply transport operators with data of the facility’s total carbon footprint at the time that their vehicle was being serviced,” explains Hefer.

The dealership also has an innovative water treatment plant and its wash bay functions almost entirely on recycled water. A rainwater harvesting system supplies top-up water to the wash bay and irrigation water to the garden, which has been planted with water-hardy plants and indigenous natural grasses.

While the building is environmentally friendly, it is also a place of rest and relaxation for truck drivers. The drivers’ lounge is air-conditioned and the sleeping quarters are equipped with heat pump showers.

In the new facility, in-house services also include brake roller and brake testing equipment, roadworthy testing, vehicle financing, maintenance contracts and transport consultancy services. Other services customers can also depend on are 24-hour roadside assistance, an express service and maintenance bay, as well as after-hours servicing.

FleetWatch is particularly pleased to see the accent placed on environmental innovations as well as the fact that the dealership includes a brake roller and brake testing equipment. This is an investment not only into customer satisfaction but also into road safety which we welcome. It is our opinion that every new dealership should have such equipment installed as standard. Well done Magnis Trucks!

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