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UD Trucks adds 450HP Quon to its truck line-up

The new Quon GW26 450 6x4 truck-tractor from UD Trucks which features the GE 13 TD 6-cylinder in-line turbo charged and inter-cooled engine with an electronic fuel management system.

UD Trucks Southern Africa has been talking for some time on new models emanating from its stable and now we have the first one – the new Quon GW26 450 6×4 truck-tractor targeted to compete in the popular 440 to 460hp extra heavy commercial vehicle market segment.

“The new GW 26 450 follows in the footsteps of the UD 440 – a truck that originally cemented UD Trucks’ ultimately dependable (UD) reputation in the market,” says Jacques Carelse, managing director of UD Trucks Southern Africa.

“The GW 26 450 is a long distance commodity mover, offering a comfortable ride, low noise levels, advanced safety features and a powerful engine that provides high levels of fuel economy and durability.”

The GW26 450 Quon is produced at UD Trucks’ assembly plant in Rosslyn and features the GE 13 TD 6-cylinder in-line turbo charged and inter-cooled engine with an electronic fuel management system. This 450hp engine provides 330kW of power at between 1 500 and 1 800rpm and a significant 2 244Nm of torque between 1 050 and 1 400rpm.

The engine boasts a flat torque curve which means less engine fatigue, particularly during uphill hauls. This engine series features a unit injector which increases the maximum fuel injection pressure to improve overall combustion efficiency and also achieves low emission and weight reduction efficiency that lead to improved fuel economy.

UD Trucks’ Quon range boasts an Extra Engine Brake – or EEB – which offers 1 470Nm of braking torque at 2 300rpm (redline is at 2 100rpm). The EEB design specifically utilises both the exhaust and the compression strokes of the engine to slow the vehicle down and offers safer vehicle control on descents and slippery roads. This means operators will have a longer brake life on their vehicles and reduced driver fatigue specifically on long-hauls.

The GW26 450 uses the ESCOT V transmission as well as a Voith retarder that has a braking torque of 3 250Nm. ESCOT V transmission technology offers both power and economy in a wide variety of driving scenarios by increasing driving performance at low speeds at time of start and reducing engine speeds in high gear at cruising speeds.

The removal of the clutch pedal has eliminated most of the hard work for drivers, creating an efficient, modern and trouble-free environment. This transmission has innovative features like Easy-Hill-Start, sequential shift, air-shift navigation, as well as an energy management feature that improves fuel economy in the top gear.

Eco Roll mode, for instance, engages the neutral position in order not to travel against engine compressions. All these options are conveniently shown on a multi-functional display inside the cabin from which drivers can then select the appropriate mode.

The new GW26 450 Quon has a Gross Combination Mass (GCM) of 65 tonnes as well as two 400-litre fuel tanks. As a long distance hauler, the unit features comfortable sleeper cabs for a two-person crew, with two bunks available in the high roof version.

“Since the current Quon range’s launch in 2012, it has proven to be tailor-made for South African road and operating conditions,” says Carelse. “It is a durable and smart worker that aims to make any transport operation more profitable and successful through appropriate technology, economy, quality, reliability and shear toughness.”

Carelse says that in order to provide customers with leading support and service, UD Trucks is constantly developing, strengthening and training its already comprehensive regional dealer network. There are currently 64 UD Trucks dealers across southern and eastern Africa.

“We are constantly looking for innovative ways in which we can go the extra mile to support our customers in a smart and modern way, and our dealers are on the forefront of this drive,” said Carelse.

Looking to the future, one can expect more new models to come out of the UD Trucks stable with Carelse saying they are currently planning, researching and testing the introduction of a “game-changing” new range of products and services to customers.

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