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NTP Logistics commits to Responsible Care

Louise Lindeque - CAIA - Responsible Care Manager, (second from left) and Ntokozo Mogorosi, CEO of NTP Logistics, (fourth from right) are joined with proud employees after the company signed a public pledge to practice the highest standards of safety. On the far right is Deidre Penfold, CAIA Executive Director Designate.

NTP Logistics has become the latest signatory of the Chemical and Allied Industries’ Association’s Responsible Care (RC) initiative thus committing the company to implementing the guiding principles of this voluntary initiative of the chemical industry.

Ntokozo Mogorosi, CEO of NTP Logistics, who signed the public commitment says: “We are passionate about what we do and relish in taking on the most challenging of tasks without compromising the health and safety of our employees or damaging the environment. Our approach in logistics management is influenced by years of handling chemical products”.

NTP Logistics serve all sectors of industry from the medical, manufacturing, mining and chemical industry through to the nuclear industry and all cross-over industries. The common denominator in their services is that Dangerous Goods are transported.

The company is a joint venture between the state-owned enterprise NTP Radioisotopes SOC Ltd (a Necsa subsidiary) and a private company Transglobal Cargo (Pty) Ltd, with their head-office in Kempton Park.

“The safety, health and environmental performance of logistical service providers that transport chemicals has to be of a high standard to ensure products are transported safely. It’s important that logistical service providers such as NTP Logistics adopt and implement the Responsible Care Guiding Principles as these will add value to the company’s existing safety, health and environmental management systems,” says Louise Lindeque, Responsible Care manager.

Over 150 companies are signatories to the RC initiative in South Africa. Through the sharing of information and a rigorous system of checklists, performance indicators and verification procedures, RC enables industry to demonstrate improvements in safety, health and environmental performance and to develop policies for further improvement. RC therefore helps the chemical industry to gain the trust of the public and to operate safely and sustainably, with due care for the environment and future generations.

FleetWatch is all for Best Practice standards in the trucking industry and congratulates NTP Logistics on this move.

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