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MiX Telematics embraces the spirit of nation building

With the help and support of MiX Telematics, rising young tennis star, Khololwan Montsi, won the Coupe Le Blanc Canada 2014. His ambition is to one day be the Number 1 tennis player in the world. Yeah! Go for it Kholo and hats off to MiX Telematics for embracing the spirit of nation building in such dynamic ways.

Contributing to nation building has always been the way of the transport industry and a fine example is once again demonstrated by MiX Telematics, a leading global provider of fleet and mobile asset management solutions, which is again sponsoring Clover Mama Afrika’s annual roadshow – a journey of more than 7 000 kilometres that includes support visits to 30 Clover Mama Africa centres across South Africa.

This project appoints women who are already making a difference in their communities through outreach and community care by further empowering them with sustainable skills that can be transferred to the community at large. This year, the project celebrates 10 years of change and development.

“MiX Telematics is proud to be the transport partner for this project for the third year running and believe there is no better way to give back than to support the need for personal development and entrepreneurship in South Africa – exactly the sentiment on which Clover Mama Afrika is based,” says Brendan Horan, managing director of MiX Telematics Africa.

“Not only are we a keen sponsor of this great initiative but we also ensure that we provide Clover with adequate vehicle tracking and route management, helping them arrive on-time, safely, while reducing excessive fuel consumption throughout their journey.”

Professor Elain Vlok, manager of Clover’s Corporate Services, says: “Our aim at Clover is to ensure that we provide mentorship to our ‘Mamas’ who work so hard in their communities in making a positive contribution and bringing about change. We also like to demonstrate appreciation for the work they do and use this time with them to identify what it is that they need for their centres to be able to perform optimally.”

“This project has already impacted more than 15 500 children as well as over 2 500 elderly community members throughout South Africa,” says Vlok.

“We are privileged to have the opportunity to take this trip with Clover. Not only as we get to engage with these phenomenal women but because we have the opportunity to see them operate so effectively in their environments – making a real change within their communities. We look forward to witnessing the impact of increased skills’ transfer and needs analysis through this roadshow,” says Horan.

Supporting a rising young star

On another front, the support of MiX Telematics through the MiX Telematics Enterprise Trust has enabled rising young tennis star, Khololwan Montsi, to win the Coupe Le Blanc Canada 2014

As a member of the Young SA Tennis Schools National Team 2014, Montsi achieved two phenomenal successes over the past few months winning not only the Coupe Le Blanc Canada 2014 championship in August but also by being placing as a finalist (5th) in the recent Central African Tennis championships.

‘Kholo’ (12), as he is known by his peers, started playing when he was seven years old. Not only is he ranked number three in the under-12 SA rankings, number two in the Gauteng rankings and number one in the Gauteng North rankings but so too has he received a bursary through Curro Hazeldene for the duration of his school years. So how does MiX Telematics fit into all this?

“MiX Telematics set up a broad based BEE Trust “MiX Telematics Enterprise Trust” several years ago. The main objective of the trust is to support the education of the next generation of South Africans, specifically in instances where they may not have the means or the access to quality education or to develop special talents under normal circumstances.

“Although the bulk of the Trust’s spending is used to support people within our own organisation, the trustees do, in certain instances, allocate trust funding to exceptionally talented young people like Kholo,” says Bathandwa Mcuba, chairperson of the MiX Telematics Enterprise Trust.

“When Kholo’s father motivated that we support him and provided his many achievements as motivation here, there was no way we could deny this. He is a very talented boy and we are proud to sponsor him in his efforts to follow his dreams of becoming a tennis superstar.”

With this type of support, Kholo has high ambitions. “I really want to be able to play at Wimbledon one day – I would love to be just like Rafael Nadal – and with the help of my family and the MiX Telematics’ sponsorship, I think I can become a world number one in tennis when I am older.”

Fantastic stuff! Well done to MiX Telematics.

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