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Mercedes-Benz claims a first on new truck offering

Mercedes-Benz now offers CharterWay® with Telligent® Maintenance on all Actros models.

Mercedes-Benz has increased its value offering on all Actros models sold with a CharterWay® contract to include a new maintenance package using the Telligent® Maintenance System. This integrated diagnostic and service system is effective as of this month.

The Telligent® Maintenance System allows the vehicle to determine service intervals and tells you exactly what needs to be serviced and when, effectively putting an end to fixed service intervals.

“Mercedes-Benz South Africa is the first truck manufacturer to offer this product in South Africa. Lower total cost of ownership remains a top priority for Mercedes-Benz trucks,” says Clinton Savage, divisional manager for Mercedes-Benz Trucks.

“We first proved that the Actros fitted with the Hypoid axles can save up to 5% in fuel and are now pleased to say that with the effective use of Telligent® Maintenance, an additional saving of up to 14% in service costs per kilometre can be realized.”

The Telligent® Maintenance system calculates service dates for engine oil change intervals, transmission oil change intervals, axle oil change intervals and general service components such as air filters, fuel filters and brake pad wear separately based on the operating conditions of the vehicle. “This,” says Savage, “ensures optimum utilization of operating fluids and service parts without risk to the service life or reliability of the engine and driveline.”

He reckons that optimal results will be realized if used in conjunction with FleetBoard, the vehicle management and tracking system provided by Mercedes-Benz South Africa.

FleetBoard provides impartial, comparable data from all vehicles of a customer’s fleet. The system provides an overview of the mileage, operational status, consumption and deployment profiles of the drivers at one glance, including an evaluation of the overall driving styles.

This will enable the fleet manager to determine the causes for high consumption and promptly address them to ensure the correct deployment of the truck thus increasing the economic efficiency of the fleet.

For an Actros to qualify for this offering, it simply needs to be activated on either the CharterWay® BestBasic or CharterWay® Service Complete contracts available at dealerships. However, cancellation of the CharterWay® contract will result in the vehicle returning to fixed service intervals.

This offer applies to vehicles sold with effect from 01 May 2014. Vehicles sold prior to May 2014 on a CharterWay® contract are eligible to be converted to a Telligent ® Maintenance Contract backdated to 01 January 2014.

Have you noticed the move by some manufacturers to become One-Stop-Shop for transport operators. They used to just supply trucks, parts and service. Now it’s a host of additional offerings. Interesting!

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  1. I just had a quote on a R 743 000 vehicle based on only 6000kms per month usage on 5 year FML contract and “Charterway-eish” added R 348 000 for the maintenance plan- Eish, Eish and Eish again- this is on a 6 ton Fuso Tipper( financed by Mercedes “Charterway”), which I think should be named downway or nowhereway- robbery at its best.


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