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DAF makes inroads into OneLogix Group

A line-up of the DAF XF105.460 MT23 air suspension 6x4 trucks bought by OneLogix Projex. Driver training is part of the deal.

Based on the good performance of six DAF trucks bought in 2012, OneLogix put in a second order for 11 DAF XF vehicles in January 2014 and are “delighted with the quality and performance of these trucks”.

So says Ian Lourens, chief executive officer of OneLogix Group Ltd, a niche logistics provider with an extensive footprint across sub-Saharan Africa.

The second order comprised ten DAF XF105.460 MT23 air suspension 6×4 vehicles and one DAF XF105.460 HR1355 steel suspension/hub reduction vehicle. For this customer, the XF105.460 HR1355 unit was delivered with altered differential ratios to accommodate a heavy haul application of up to 100 tons.

OneLogix Projex is using its DAF trucks for highway haulage of machines and containerised cargo, both nationally and cross-border. Driver training has also been provided and will be ongoing.

Another group company, OneLogix Linehaul, also recently purchased five DAF CF 85 truck tractors, which have been deployed to pull 14,5 m tri-axle trailers. OneLogix Linehaul requested that long range fuel tanks, anti-syphoning devices and bull bars be fitted to these vehicles.

Babcock, which is responsible for the marketing, sales and service of DAF trucks throughout southern Africa, also provided driver training to ensure OneLogix Linehaul drivers are able to exploit all the on-board features to the maximum.

“We were thrilled to receive this significant repeat order as it reflects confidence in our product,” says Reshaad Mahomed, DAF truck sales executive. “This order also effectively strengths our relationship with the OneLogix Group.”

Babcock says it places heavy emphasis on after sales service and continues to invest in training mechanics, drivers and customer-facing personnel, as well as implementing the necessary systems and procedures. These efforts include achieving OHSAS 18001 (Safety and Health), ISO 14001 (Environment) and ISO 9001 (Quality) certification.

Strategically located parts distribution centres support the dealer network by ensuring that parts are always available.

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