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Another transport company signs the Responsible Care commitment

One of the stunning looking Avcres Transport tautliner rigs proudly displaying the Responsible Care logo for all to see. As Louise Lindeque, Responsible Care manager at CAIA says: “Implementation of Responsible Care helps the chemical industry gain the trust of the public.”

Avcres Transport has become the latest signatory of the Chemical & Allied Industries’ Association (CAIA) Responsible Care (RC) initiative, thereby committing to implement the guiding principles of this initiative of the chemical industry.

Aveshen Naidoo, CEO of Avcres Transport, says that as a Responsible Care partner company, Avcres is committed to protecting the environment, to safely transport chemicals and to demonstrate a continuous improvement in safety, health and environmental performance.

“The interests of all stakeholders will be highly regarded – employees, customers and the communities in which Avcres and its carriers operate,” he says.

Avcres Transport has an interesting history going back to 1996 when it was established as a transport management and broker company to service the distribution needs of various industries. The late Yanks Naidoo, a long distance driver, had the vision of becoming a service provider in the logistics industry. This vision became a reality when Naidoo purchased his first truck. He chose to name his company Avcres, which are the joint names of his two children, Aveshen and Cressie.

Although based in Durban, Avcres services all business sectors requiring general distribution in the Durban, Mthatha, King Williams Town, East London, Port Elizabeth and surrounding areas.

One hundred and fifty nine companies are now signatories to the RC initiative in South Africa, which shows that the initiative is more than a set of principles and declarations. Through the sharing of information and a rigorous system of checklists, performance indicators and verification procedures, it enables the industry to demonstrate its improvements over the years and to develop policies for further improvement.

Louise Lindeque, Responsible Care manager at CAIA is passionate about ensuring that Dangerous Goods are transported safely. “The implementation of RC has to be extended along the logistics chain as it adds value to a company’s existing safety, health and environmental management systems,” says Lindeque, adding that it also helps the chemical industry gain the trust of the public and to operate safely and sustainably.

“Signing this commitment allows Avcres to join leading logistics companies who have elected to adhere to recognised industry standards and to promote the safe storage, handling and transport of chemicals.”

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