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Another first in South Africa

The new 6-axle steering lowbed trailer from the Martin Trailer Company is the first locally built trailer of its kind in the country. Note the steering axles.

Here’s another first for the South African trucking industry. This time it comes from Martin Trailer Company, a leading manufacturer of heavy haulage specialised trailers for various applications throughout Africa, which has produced one of the first locally built 6-axle steering lowbed trailers in the country.

According to Kieron Gore, director at Martin Trailers Company, the command knuckle steering trailers give operators the advantage of the latest European technology while still meeting southern African road regulations for maximized payloads.

A key benefit of the 6-axle steering lowbed is that versatility is increased with the ability to extend in length. The company has also included the latest global running gear technology.

“The commercial trailer manufacturing industry is extremely competitive and to remain a leader in Southern Africa, we invest a significant amount into research and development,” says Gore.

This has obviously paid off as, according to Gore, local transport operators have expressed their approval that world-class steerable trailers are finally available from an African manufacturer – with local back-up and support.

Well done guys!

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