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Triton Express opens in-house clinic for staff

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Hats off to Triton Express for taking another step forward in striving for best practise in all areas of its operations by opening an in-house staff medical clinic at the company’s Johannesburg office.

Through this clinic, the Triton Express Group, which includes Triton Express, Triton Linehaul, Triton Supply Chain Solutions, Triton Fleet Management and Cryogas Express, will provide staff members with the opportunity to access professional health care services – free of charge – without taking valuable time off work.

The clinic is run in conjunction with ER24 which also provides Triton with a national emergency response service.

Talking at the opening of the clinic, Gerhard Nortje, national general manager of Triton Express, said a core value in the group is its people. “As such, the well-being of staff members is a responsibility taken seriously by the management team.’

Outlining the objectives of the wellness programme, Nortje said it is an initiative designed to improve the health and wellness of employees; reduce or eliminate problems effecting employee health, absenteeism and staff turnover; and to assist in reducing the impact illness has on staff work performance and productivity.

With these objectives, the programme strives to increase the well-being and productivity of all employees; increase awareness of positive health behaviours and the effect it has on employees; motivate employees to voluntarily adopt healthier lifestyles; and provide opportunities and supportive environments to foster positive lifestyle changes for employees.

FleetWatch congratulates Triton on this latest move and shows that the company is walking the RTMS talk for which it was accredited only a few months ago.

For those not in the know, RTMS is a self-regulatory system based on the ISO39001 standard which focuses on vehicle management systems, improved road safety and driver wellness. As Nortje said: “This clinic underpins our commitment to this process.’ And so it does!

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